Batop还提供用于太赫兹发射和探测的太赫兹光电导天线(PCA)。BATOP不仅提供单带隙天线,还包括整合了微透镜的高能大狭缝交叉天线阵列和整套的太赫兹光谱仪。 太赫兹光电导天线的激发波长为530nm到1550nm之间。

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  BATOP GmbH成立于2003年,是一家隶属于德国耶拿大学的私人创新型公司。BATOP从事的专业领域包括:低温分子束外延技术,介质溅射镀膜,晶圆加工和芯片安装技术。在过去几年里, BATOP 已成为一个用于被动锁模激光器的可饱和吸收体的世界领先的供应商。可饱和吸收产品集合了各式各样的不同的器件,从可饱和吸收镜(SAM™),到可饱和输出镜(SOC)和用于透过应用的可饱和吸收体(SA)。迄今为止,可饱和吸收产品已经覆盖了800nm到2.6µm的常用激光波长范围。另一个产品系列是用于太赫兹发射和探测的太赫兹光电导天线(PCA)。BATOP不仅提供单带隙天线,还包括整合了微透镜的高能大狭缝交叉天线阵列和整套的太赫兹光谱仪。 太赫兹光电导天线的激发波长为800nm到1550nm之间。BATOP借助强大的研发能力来不断提高自己的产品, 我们始终和客户在一起,最好的满足他们的需求。

PCA - THz光电导天线

-> see poster: "PCA survey" (2 MB) (pdf), "Photomixing" (pdf) "THz antenna mounting options" (pdf),

PCA 产品列表

激发光波长  530 nm ... 860 nm

激发光波长   800 nm ... 1100 nm

激发光波长   1000 nm ... 1550 nm

PCA - 产生端光电导天线

A photoconductive antenna, consisting of a low temperature grown GaAs or InGaAs film covered with metallic contacts can be used as an optical excited broadband terahertz emitter for time domain measurements or as photomixer. Typically an alternating voltage is supplied to the electrical contacts of the transmitter antenna to allow a lock-in measurement. There are at least two important antenna parameters: the length l and the gap distance g. The length l determines the prefered emitted frequency at theresonance condition. The gap of the transmitter antenna between the metallic contacts can be larger than the laser spot diameter.
The PCA can be accomplished with a hyperhemispherical or an aspheric silicon substrate lens to increase the extraction efficiency for THz waves.

PCA 探测端光电导天线
The PCA receiver has the same design as the transmitter. The optimal gap between the metallic contacts is about equal to the laser spot diameter. A current amplifier connected to the antenna contacts delivers a signal proportional to the terahertz electric field strength.


iPCA - large area interdigital photoconductive antenna 
The iPCA is designated as high power THz transmitter, but can be used also as sensitive large area THz receiver. The interdigital antenna with a proprietary lens arrayconverts high power laser pulses up to mean power levels of 5 W with a high power conversion efficiency of ~ 10-4 into broadband THz pulses. More about iPCA ...

Trademark iPCA™
iPCA is a trademark of BATOP GmbH registered under the number 30 2008 027 538  at the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt in Germany.



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